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Melvin Lee plays Jean Genet in Dulaang UP's 'Bilanggo ng Pag-ibig' ('Prisoner of Love')

Dulaang UP presents 'Bilanggo ng Pag-ibig' -- Jean Genet's 'Prisoner of Love'
By Walter Ang
Feb. 7, 2015
Philippine Daily Inquirer

"Being an actor in the theater was never in my dreams. I was too shy to be onstage. Stage fright to the max," confesses Melvin Lee, who tackles the role of Jean Genet, in Dulaang UP's (DUP's) "Bilanggo ng Pag-ibig," opening Feb. 11.

"But having seen the value and the power of the medium made me realize that I can probably be part of this very dynamic movement called 'theater.'"

Written by Rody Vera and directed by José Estrella, the production caps DUP's 39th season and is based on French petty thief, prostitute, novelist, playwright, poet, essayist and political activist Genet's book "Un Captif Amoureux" (Prisoner of Love).

The book was published posthumously. Genet passed away in 1986, collecting his manuscripts on his encounters with the Palestinian Liberation Army in the …