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REVIEW: Wit, pathos--and pointed questions--in 'Flipzoids'

Wit, pathos--and pointed questions--in 'Flipzoids'
By Walter Ang
July 26, 2014
Philippine Daily Inquirer

The peeling wall paint and crumbling papier-maché ornaments in the Music Museum's lobby may have been an indication of the state of its lighting systems. But it was most likely the aftereffects of Typhoon "Glenda" (which had left Manila only the night before) that caused the lights to go off three-fourths into GodInUs Productions' opening night of "Flipzoids."

There was magic in that moment. Actress Becca Godinez paused for one beat and decided to keep on talking. In a play about three lost characters trying to find their way, the darkness was, as one character mentioned, "fraught with symbols."

In addition to the steadfast actors, lighting designer Shakira Villa was also there to save the day, and then some. Several minutes later, her crew was able to get eight PAR lights to work. Even though she was "only" tasked to recreate and m…