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This Stock Market (restaurant) feels bullish again

This Stock Market feels bullish again
By Walter Ang
May 26, 2011
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Stock Market restaurant has reopened under the management of The Bistro Group of Restaurants, the same operator of casual dining restaurant chains TGI Friday's, Italianni's, Fish & Co., Flapjacks, Krazy Garlik, Pig Out and Billy Rock.

The look has been refurbished a bit. Fans of the TV cooking show "Barefoot Contessa" may find the interiors familiar: white-washed walls, large windows that allow sunlight to wash into the dining area, and even striped faux-awnings?elements that evoke a crisp Hamptons-style aesthetic.

Dashes of muted earth tones (green, beige and brown) have been added to the still predominantly white color-scheme to provide warmth and to further enhance the tropical flair that has always been in the design, courtesy of wicker chairs and the pineapple motifs interspersed in the floor tiles, framed prints across the walls, and even real ones (small baby pineappl…

Makati Med doctors hold charity fun run

Makati Med doctors hold charity fun run
By Walter Ang
May 17, 2011
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, talking and swallowing are things we do every day and, therefore, take for granted. "But as everyone knows, when things go wrong with any one of these, life can be extremely difficult," say Dr. Ricky Fernandez.

"Whenever we get a `simple' cold, we find it hard to breathe, we can't hear normally, we can't smell and taste our food, sometimes our ears hurt," he says. "What more for more serious or complicated conditions?"

Fernandez is the chair of Makati Medical Center's Ear, Nose, Throat department and he recommends a check-up at least once a year at their ENT Diagnostic Center just to make sure everything is in tip-top shape or to catch potential problems early on.

"It's always easier to treat a problem when it's still at its beginning stages, rather than waiting until it's a big problem."


Sipat Lawin Ensemble 2011 season line-up

Lorca dream play to be staged
By Walter Ang
May 16, 2011
Philippine Daily Inquirer

"We don't make plays, we create experiences," is Sipat Lawin Ensemble's tagline for its 2011 line-up.  The group showcased excerpts of upcoming productions at the launch of their season.

The launch, held at Puerta del Sta. Lucia at Intramuros, began with Sisa (of Rizal's "Noli Me Tangere") giving birth to 150 babies while facing the San Agustin Church.  Audience members were given masks, made to make animal noises, tasked to interact and dance with SLE's actors, and where even instructed to "kill" each other by secretly sticking their tongues out at their "victims."

"Seventy-five people 'died' on the floor that night," said artistic director JK Anicoche.  The interactive activities were meant to showcase the group's brand of theater-making, "SLE operates on themes of 'Intervention. Inter-action. Invasion,'" he…

Theaterbatoring UPPT's Fake

thoughts on fake
by walter ang
may 9, 2011

uppt's staging of "fake" is what audiences can describe as "theatrical" because of the different devices used: a few monologue moments, characters that the protagonists talk about (like la loba negra and datu kalantiaw) being acted out (even if they're not technically part of the scene), and flashbacks interspersed into present scenes.

and it is.  it's also intimate and evocative, given the small venue (teatro hermogenes ylagan), allowing for a textured show that includes playfulness with light: video designer winter david provides a few projections (brightly lit and visible) while lighting designer meliton roxas has pockets of gradients here and there.

playrwright floy quintos' dialogue is occasionally didactic (understandable given the amount of historical information that requires exposition) but his plotting…

UP Playwright Theater's Fake May 4-14, 2011

New play tackles Philippine history hoax
By Walter Ang
May 2, 2011
Philippine Daily Inquirer

UP Playwrights' Theater will stage Floy Quintos' "Fake," a play that asks "When a lie seems better than the truth, what would you rather believe?"

"Fake" tells the tale of Miguel, who "discovers that many of the things he believed in when he was young were all lies and his life becomes an insatiable search for answers."

His search leads him to Jose Marco, the infamous "discoverer" of the Code of Kalantiaw and the story of La Loba Negra, two documents that became part of Philippine history until proven as hoaxes.

Quintos personally knew the historian who exposed Marco as a forger.  "I had the great pleasure of meeting with William Henry Scott several times before he died in 1993," he says.

"When I mentioned that I was thinking of writing a play about Marco, Scotty joked and said, '"You should make us meet!'&qu…