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Theaterbatoring DL's 'May Pakpak ang Oras'

thoughts on dulaang laksambayanan's "may pakpak ang oras at iba pang dula ni david ives" by walter ang
march 28, 2011
in american slang, the word “word” can mean “yes”—a general utterance of agreement.  dulaang laksambayanan’s charming staging of “may pakpak ang oras at iba pang dula ni david ives” shows the disagreements that also come with or as the result of (spoken) words.
the group has thoughtfully curated four of american playwright david ives’ one-act plays into a single show.  the title of the first play quickly establishes the wordplay that cuts across all four, a story of two mayflies who realize they only have one day to live: “time flies” (translated to “may pakpak ang oras”).
ives sure is smitten by words.  in fact, his other plays (not included in this show) have titles like “words, words, words” and “the universal language.”
in “may pakpak,” the tw…

Republikha Gallery holds inaugural exhibit

Republikha Gallery holds inaugural exhibit
By Walter Ang 
March 28, 2011
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Republikha Gallery will have an inaugural group show titled "Departure" featuring 16 artists. Gallery founder and owner Jenery Lim, who produces Benevita cocosugar and coconectar on the side, says, "I fused the words "republika" and "likha," since the Philippines is a republic of creative people."

Lim became interested in art in the mid 2000s. "The first painting I bought was a Marcel Antonio acrylic on paper," he says. "Actually, I bought two of them at the same time. I haven't looked back since."

The more paintings he collected, the more people he met. The more people he met, the more support grew when the arts community found out he wanted to put up his own gallery. "I wanted to set up shop in Quezon City instead of the usual Pasay or Makati City," say Lim.

He notes there is growth in the market and more gallerie…

World peace and justice through dance; Airdance's 'Body Politics: Declaration'

World peace and justice through dance
By Walter Ang
March 21, 2011
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Airdance is staging "Body Politics: Declaration" to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The group will be performing eight compositions inspired by articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

"We're steering clear from plotless, abstract, it-is-whatever-you-want-it-to-be pieces," says artistic director Ava Maureen Villanueva. "For this show, the company presents its stand and position against social injustice."

Airdance is composed of dance artists of varied backgrounds from classical and modern ballet, to jazz and ballroom, to hip-hop, breakdance, martial arts and gymnastics.

"What's nice about Airdance is, we really try be versatile in all the dance genres even if we are known for our strength in contemporary dance," says Villanueva.

"When you have to define what 'contemporary dance' means, there are many possible answers. …

Theaterbatoring UP DECL's 'Screen: Macbeth'

thoughts on up decl's "screen: macbeth"
by walter ang
march 16, 2011

as a rule, i don't usually review productions that i have written an "advancer" for, but what the hey! = )

many people obviously enjoyed "screen: macbeth," evidenced by the enthusiastic clapping and cheering after the show i caught. in fact, the show will be extended this weekend due to “insistent popular demand.”

a hodge-podge, eclectic, mix-match staging makes the show fun at certain times but is also the reason why it doesn’t quite come together.

director anton juan has the soldiers announcing their arrivals with a war cry-cum-greeting that provides gravitas to their military connection and to the earthy, gravelly, wild world he has created for this staging of macbeth.  all that grunting and shouting inervates the audience: we are not just politely sitting here, we are also spectators to some …

La Salle scholarship fundraising photo exhibit 2011

Photo exhibit aims to raise funds for La Salle scholarship program
By Walter Ang
March 14, 2011
Philippine Daily Inquirer

The idea of "access to education" inspired "The Green Light Project," a fundraising photo exhibit featuring 40 works by ten photographers.

Organized by De La Salle University, the exhibit aims to raise funds for the One La Salle Scholarship Fund. "The fund is the centerpiece project of our centennial celebrations to be held in 2011," said Br. Bernard Oca, university vice chancellor for external relations.

"The scholarship fund aims to raise one billion pesos to support approximately 18,000 students on full scholarship in the 17 La Salle schools in the country across all levels and courses."

Set to tour the country, the exhibit was launched at The Gallery, Greenbelt 5 Mall. The exhibit was stationed beside the Swatch store for one month.

Also launched was the DLSU Centennial chronograph by Swatch. The chronograph is part of a l…

CCP goes digital with its collection

CCP goes digital with its collection
By Walter Ang March 8, 2011
Philippine Daily Inquirer

The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) has received a donation of equipment and software that will be used to convert its entire audio-visual collection on Philippine arts and culture into digital files.
The technology, worth P9 million, will be used in a digitization project that will involve storing, protecting, managing and providing access to the CCP library’s vast collection of national, cultural and historical materials.
The collection dates back to 1970 and consists of approximately 40,000 hours of audio, 30,000 hours of film, 6,500 photos, 28,000 slides and 56,000 manuscripts.
The donor, EMC Corp., is a developer and provider of information infrastructure technology with clients in the banking, telecommunications and transportation industries, among others.
“Poetry, film, music, visual arts and expressions of humanity are all part of a country’s national, cultural and historical her…