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REVIEW: Repertory Philippines stages Joaquin's 'Portrait of an Artist as Filipino'

Rep stages Joaquin's 'Portrait of an Artist as Filipino'
By Walter Ang
January 22, 2009

It is heartening to see Repertory Philippines open their 2009 Season with a Filipino playwright, namely Nick Joaquin's "Portrait of the Artist as Filipino." Loyal audiences and fans of Rep already know of the group's track record in staging productions that have originated from Broadway, so to see them see them explore homegrown material is an exciting event.

Joaquin's play has been translated into different Filipino versions, including a musical, though Rep stages it in the original English. And Rep does not disappoint. Director Mari Avellana's mother, National Artist for Theater Daisy Avellana, originated the role of Candida in 1955. His intimacy with the material has produced a show that is tight, evocative, heartrending, and funny.

The cast delivers with panache this tale of two spinster sisters living…

Careers in the performing arts

Careers in the performing arts
By Walter Ang
January 4, 2009
Philippine Daily Inquirer

These days, everyone wants to become a famous TV or movie personality. Droves of young men and women audition for every televised singing competition under the stars with hopes of becoming a star themselves.

Of course, not everyone can be so lucky. If you can't act, sing nor dance, the first thing you have to do is accept and admit that you can't. It will make life easier for you. The second thing you nee to do is be happy because you can still be part of the wonderful world of performing arts by working backstage.

Yes, backstage. The TV and movie industries can be very lucrative, but why not consider doing theater work? It is an exciting art form and provides one of the best training grounds for people who wish to break into the above-mentioned worlds.

Backstage bosses
If you like ordering people around loudly, why not consider a career as a director? Of course, screaming and throwing chairs …