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Virginal, indeed: Review of 4th Virgin Labfest 2008

Virginal, indeed 
By Walter Ang
July 14, 2008
Philippine Daily Inquirer

If a play is the fruit of a playwright's labor, then artistic collaborators like directors, actors, set designers and costume designers are the ones who tend and nurture the text into full blossom.

In this year's Virgin Labfest, the artistic collaboration of these different disciplines have produced four main sets of three one-acts that were staged at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, providing audiences with a veritable fruit orchard of subject matter to watch. A separate set was dedicated to children's plays adapted from published stories while another set featured three plays from last year's fest.

Although this writer was able to interview festival artistic director Rody Vera prior to the fest's opening, no details on staging were provided except for the line-up and synopses for each play. And that is always the fun and excitement of the Labfest, you truly never know what you're go…

Kim Chiu is a pretty young thing

Whether she's locked in a house on a reality series, or playing a perky tour guide on a remake of a Korean telenovela, Kim Chiu stays true to herself.
Pretty young thing 
By Walter Ang
July-August 2008 issue (Maiden issue)
You Magazine

Kimberly Chiu sits curled up in her chair, slightly groggy from having just woken up from a nap. The poor girl is exhausted from a full day of traversing the city, going from one engagement to another. The life of an up-and-coming young star certainly requires more stamina than most people assume.

This 18 year old's claim to fame began when she joined a reality TV show where contestants are mandated to stay inside a house filled with surveillance cameras and microphones. After spending an entire summer inside that famed house with other teenagers and avoiding eviction from her housemates, Kim emerged the winner with more than 600,000 audience votes (more than 40% of the total votes).

Since then, Kim has decided to, as we say around here, "ent…