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Repertory Philippines' 'Hamlet'--a prince's final fantasy

A prince's final fantasy 
By Walter Ang
February 12, 2008 (

When I saw Repertory Philippines' staging of Love's Labour's Lost many years ago, I hated it so much that I vowed never to watch any of their Shakespeare productions ever again. However, time passes and things change. Rep has been slowly stretching its wings with an infusion of new directors who take some adaptive liberty with their stagings as well as guest designers and actors.

When I heard that Ana Abad Santos-Bitong, one of Reps' resident actors, would not only be directing Hamlet but also setting it in a "post-apocalyptic" world, it piqued my interest. As did the posters and production photos that showed the cast in costumes inspired by the video game Final Fantasy, textured fabrics and funky silhouettes, with goggles and all, designed by Faust Peneyra.

If you think this will be a cutesy, kawaii J-pop staging, the ominous opening ta…