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Learn to dance hip hop and exercise for free with Pinoy Big Brother alums John Pratts and Mickey Perez

Learn to dance hip hop and exercise for free 
By Walter Ang
March 23, 2008
Manila Bulletin

This summer, hip-hop dance enthusiasts or those who'd like to learn this kind of dance can spend some time with two Pinoy Big Brother alumni have been dancing for as long as they can remember.

John Pratts says he's been dancing for 16 years now. "When I was a kid, I loved to dance. I still love to dance now. It helps me express myself if I'm mad or happy. I always look forward to dancing," he says.

Swiss-bred Mickey Perz, on the other hand, was initiated into dancing when was "volunteered" by his mother. "She's involved in fundraising for hospitals and orphanages here in the Philippines. When she was preparing for one of her fundraisers, she pointed to me and said, `You will dance,'" he laughs.

Both have since been performing and choreographing, occasionally taking classes to further hone their skills or pick up new moves. After both emerged from …