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REVIEW: Tanghalang Pilipino's staging of Pirandello's 'It is so! (If you think so)'

Rumors, facts and humor 
By Walter Ang
Jan. 24, 2005
Philippine Daily Inquirer

What Filipino's day is not peppered through and through with discussions on who's doing what and who's doing who and what have you? While it is part and parcel of the Filipino way of life, rumor mongering is not exactly something that should fall under the category of national pride. It is a little comforting, therefore, that Tanghalang Pilipino's latest production reminds us that gossiping is not necessarily an exclusive Filipino pastime.

It is something that cuts across countries and cultures, as evidenced by Luigi Pirandello's comedy "Cosi e (se vi pare!)" or "It is so! (If you think so)." This tale revolving around juicy gossip and malicious rumors has been translated by Jerry Respeto as "'Yun na nga! (Kung yun na nga)" for local audiences to relish.

Pirandello is a Nobel laureate whose 1921 play "Six Characters in Search of an Author," was …