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REVIEW: Philippine High School for the Arts' "Rossum's Universal Robots" and "The Tempest"

Look do we have here! A promising group of young thespians 
By Walter Ang
April 30. 2003
Philippine Daily Inquirer

"No one can hate man more than man himself," said the poster heralding a twinbill presentation by the Philippine High School for the Arts.

Despite the bleak and ominous tone of the poster, after watching the show at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Huseng Batute Theater I announced to my friends that, "I haven't had this much fun watching a theater production in a very long time!"

Having seen too many plays and musicals that were too pretentious, too commercial, and too unoriginal, this recital cum graduation by the theater majors of the country's only arts high school was definitely a breath of fresh air.

The young students from all over the country gave off a vibrant, earnest energy in the two comedies they presented. They had an obvious passion for the craft and art of theater that renewed my faith in the form.

"First and almo…