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Start your own school club

Start your own school club 
By Walter Ang
May 30, 2001
Philippine Daily Inquirer

School has just started and you're raring to join one of the many campus organizations available. The only problem is, you don't feel like joining the Math Club and you re not interested enough in writing to try out for the school paper. The sound of Chemistry Society makes you cringe and the Drama Guild feels too intimidating to join.

None of the organizations or clubs offers anything that you might remotely be interested in. Too bad, what's an energetic, enthusiastic, eager person like you to do? What if, say, you're really into the esoteric arts and want to get in touch with other persons who like to read rune stones? Start your own organization, of course!

Getting started
First thing you have to do is figure out what it is exactly that you're interested in. Make sure that there aren't any other orgs that cater to your idea already. If your search ends up in zero, then you re on y…

Review of Actor's Actors' staging of "Mother Tongue"

Review of Mother Tongue
By Walter Ang
May 11, 2001

"Mother Tongue" is overwhelming at first glance. After all, it explores race, culture, language, identity, homosexuality, and family in two hours' time. The list goes on, but this latest play from Actors' Actors, Inc. does not choke its audience and serves up a full course of ideas that's done in a funny, poignant manner.

Written by Paul Stephen Lim, "Mother Tongue"'s protagonist is David Lee, a Tsinoy (Filipino born of Chinese descent) who immigrates to America and becomes an English teacher in Kansas. The play is semi autobiographical and goes on to show the inner workings of Lee's mind, more to the point, conversations with his mother in his head.

Lim explores what makes a person who he is. Are we the language we speak, our skin color, where our parents are from? The play brings to light Filipinos who live in a bicultural, displaced world. Most Filipinos have at least one family mem…