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A few of the Hundred Islands (in Pangasinan)

A few of the Hundred Islands 
By Walter Ang
April 25, 2001
Philippine Daily Inquirer

In every out-of-town trip I've joined, someone always forgets to bring something. It's usually a toothbrush or a pair of nifty sunglasses especially bought for the trip.

You knew things were off to a funny start when 2bU! went to the Hundred Islands and realized each and every single person in the group forgot to bring a camera. Thus, no single picture to show of the trip. Lack of visual proof notwithstanding, we still had loads of great fun.

Day one
We had to call and wake each other up in the dead of night so we could get to the bus station by 2 a.m. Of course, with a relatively big group of eight people, delays were inevitable and we got to the station at 4 a.m. instead. The 4 a.m. bus was already full and the next one wouldn't be leaving until 6 a.m. Groan.

Plans were hatched and it was decided we would use Lavinia's van and wake up her driver to bring us to the promised (Is)lands. W…